Thursday, November 21, 2019

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The Southeast represents one-quarter of mainland U.S. real estate, but its impact on the fresh produce industry is dramatically greater than that. Take California out of the picture and the Southeast dominates the domestic produce marketplace. Everybody either does business here or wants to. You can see that in the mushrooming success of the Southeast Produce Council, which has grown in a decade from a handful of members to North America’s most important regional trade organization.

Southeast Produce Weekly is the first trade publication dedicated to representing OUR regional industry on a national scale. Our distribution includes all North American retail, wholesale and foodservice produce buyers, along with affiliated and support industry. It also includes Southeastern grower-shippers. Although regionally focused, Southeast Produce Weekly will be available to readers in all markets, free of charge, via an email subscription

Our mission statement is simple: “Provide a platform for the Southeast to speak as one voice to the North American produce industry and create an entryway for those elsewhere who would like to do business in the Southeast region of the United States.”

We live up to our motto: “National News with a Southern Accent.”

We deliver that in words and video, with features and news representing the entirety of the Southeast deal, how it impacts the national industry, and how national events affect the region.

We know you’re busy so we don’t bog down your email inbox – instead, we arrive once a week on Friday mornings, providing a look back at the week to tell you what happened while you were busy working. We provide our own analysis and also aggregate news that matters from other sources so you don’t have to go track it down. And, we take a look forward to assess the import and impact of upcoming events and issues.

We want the entire industry to participate in Southeast Produce Weekly and welcome your input. We feature guest columns from industry leaders, focus on timely markets, a weekly update from the Southeast Produce Council, trade show and convention coverage, and interviews with chefs, celebrities and special features you won’t find anywhere else — because, as we all know, there’s no other place like the Southeast.

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