Friday, November 15, 2019

The Bulldog Song

Sweet Vidalia

About Chip Carter

Long before he ever wrote a word for Southeast Produce Weekly, The Chicago Tribune or The Huffington Post – or turned up as a correspondent on The RFD-TV Network – Chip Carter was a musician. That was his first love and passion and he’s never strayed far from it.

Chip did get to the party a little bit late professionally, though – he released his first album, Reluctant Cowboy, just two years ago, and the breakout 2017 success of The Bulldog Song came as a bit of a surprise. The song and video have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and plays on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music, and even on the good ol’ fashioned radio. There’s also a free ringtone available here.

Now The Bulldog Song 2019 is live with new lyrics and a whole lot of new video — including an on-campus guerilla strike on Auburn that probably means he’ll never be invited back there! That’s all live — no green screen.

This year’s version also features the world debut of Cyrus Carter (he’s the tiny one — doesn’t know the words yet, but he’s adorable).

This Christmas, Chip sang a moving rendition of “O Holy Night” that closed out the SPW/RFD-TV Holiday Special “Larry’s Tree: A Christmas Journey to The White House, which he also hosted.

Chip also released another great Georgia tune earlier this year, Sweet Vidalia. It’s not about onions – it’s about the town, the place, the people and the spirit. More to come, and be sure to listen to Chip’s other songs in the music player on this page. And share it with your friends!

It’s only natural that Chip would write and sing about the South – he was born in Newnan, GA, in the same old red brick hospital as Alan Jackson (but a few years later!).

“Music is just something I’ve loved the way you love your mother, your children – it’s just there and it never wavers. I was born with it and it’s never left me,” Chip says. “I could say the same thing about the South.”

The writing’s worked out – TV too. Now Chip just wants to share his music with others, like the thousands of UGA fans who discovered The Bulldog Song last year – the Facebook page alone has 11,000 followers.

“That whole experience came as something of a shock and a definite delight,” Carter says. “I didn’t make fans, I made friends. I know I’m late to the party but I hope I’ll get to keep doing that for a long time to come.”


  1. I can hear alot of home in the song how long is forever… I really enjoyed listening to the stories, thanks for inviting me

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