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iTradeNetwork Makes Traceability Software Free To More Than 2,000 Growers, Shippers


iTradeNetwork, a Dublin, Calif.-based provider of global perishable supply chain management solutions, is offering its newly enhanced iTracefresh Traceability Suite software free to more than 2,000 growers and shippers.

The first 40 to sign up will receive an exclusive start-up package that includes hardware to easily run the software.

The iTracefresh Traceability Suite aims to reduce foodborne illnesses, recalls and food waste by giving participants complete transparency into every step of a product’s journey. With mobile-app capabilities, the tool allows growers and shippers to trace products from field to fork, automate and speed up receiving, and improve shelf life and quality while simplifying substitutions to increase efficiency within the supply chain.

“We need to take steps to minimize the harmful effects of recalls for all parties – consumers, growers, retailers, and the industry as a whole,” iTradeNetwork CEO Rhonda Bassett-Spiers said. “By offering a year traceability solutions for free, iTrade will foster greater supply chain visibility, optimize product receiving, improve product shelf life and quality, enable more efficient recalls, boost brand loyalty, and ultimately usher in a supply chain we can all trust.”

Year’s access

All growers and shippers to sign up for the offer will receive one year of access to two of iTrade’s programs – Label, a PTI solution, and Transit Mobile, a PTI-Palletized Advance Ship Notice solution. Additionally, the first 40 to sign up will be given an exclusive hardware start-up package inclusive of two mobile devices for convenience on the field, a printer and field kit to make set up quick and simple.

“Since iTradeNetwork’s founding, we’ve built the industry’s largest network of retailers, distributors, grower/shippers, food manufacturers, operators, and logistics providers,” iTradeNetwork CTO Dale Slaughenhaupt said. “This wide reach puts us in a very unique position to take meaningful strides toward industrywide traceability to create the world’s safest, most transparent food supply chain.”

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