To help create additional display space and make merchandising easy for grocers and shoppers, Frieda’s Specialty Produce Inc. will be offering new, easy-to-assemble shippers just in time for the holiday season.

Starting in October, Los Alamitos, Calif.-based Frieda’s will offer two holiday shippers:

  • a three-tiered unit to display multiple holiday items, and
  • a high-graphic display-bin for merchandising Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes.

The three-tiered display creates a one-stop, trade-up center for consumers. The high-graphic bin highlights Frieda’s seasonal favorite Stokes Purple sweet potato pie with maple whipped cream, prompting shoppers to stop and take a picture of the ingredient list, thus eliminating the need for tear pads. Both shippers will be offered free with clients’ holiday orders.

Popular products that display well with the shippers and are trending with consumers include Stokes Purple sweet potatoes, colored cauliflower and Sunchokes, as well as flavorful cooking essentials such as Meyer lemons, Cipollini onions and shallots.

To increase your stores’ sales, contact Frieda’s now to pre-book your orders for the new holiday shippers, with shipments starting in early October.

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