Power Your Lunchbox by Produce for Kids, taking place through Sept. 22, is asking families to show the world how they power their lunchboxes using the hashtag #PowerYourLunchbox.

The program, in its sixth year, encourages families to eat more nutritious lunches and make healthy choices as they head back to school. This year, the program’s health-conscious brand partners have committed to providing 180,000 meals to Feeding America’s programs that impact families and children.

“As parents and guardians, we all want our kids to succeed in school and the foundation of that success is the right nutrition to keep students’ brains powered all day long,” Produce for Kids Vice President Trish James said. “Along with our like-minded brand partners, we are working hard this back-to-school season to make sure families have the resources they need for success while raising funds for families in need.”

Nine brands will join forces to make sure families start the year on a healthy foot, while making a difference in the fight to end hunger. Health-conscious brands supporting Power Your Lunchbox are:

  • Bee Sweet Citrus
  • Crispy Green
  • GROW Bananas
  • Litehouse
  • NatureFresh Farms
  • Pero Family Farms
  • Shuman Farms’ RealSweet
  • Zespri Kiwifruit.

This year, Produce for Kids welcomes a new registered dietitian to the team just in time for Power Your Lunchbox. Sally Kuzemchack, author of and cookbooks “The 101 Healthiest Foods for Kids and “Cooking Light Dinner Time Survival Guide” will serve as the official registered dietitian at Produce for Kids. Sally will be active during the program on the Produce for Kids Instagram, providing content to and sharing tips on the Healthy Family Project podcast.

The website has a new look and feel this year, spotlighting kid-friendly and registered dietitian-approved lunchbox inspiration and content featuring brand partners, back-to-school content and a sweepstakes where consumers can enter to win an Echo Show. Additional elements to the campaign include national e-newsletters targeting families, content creator/influencer outreach and social media promotion during the campaign time frame.

Instagram plans

Instagram will be a key platform for the program, focusing in on Produce for Kids’ audience of more than 60,000, as well as the audiences of several other Instagram content creators through Takeover Tuesdays, IGTV and Live videos. The recently launched Food Rx Instagram series featuring Jessica DeLuise, PA-C, CCMS will shift focus to back to school and eating a healthy lunch. Instagram users can enter weekly giveaways using #PowerYourLunchbox for a chance to win lunchbox items like fun sandwich cutters, bento boxes and more.

“To date, Power Your Lunchbox has contributed the equivalent of nearly 1.3 million meals to Feeding America,” James said. “It’s very hard to do your best on an empty stomach and this program is able to provide inspiration for families and also provide much needed help to families who are facing hunger.”

Retail dietitians are also invited to join in on the Power Your Lunchbox efforts by downloading materials from the Produce for Kids retail dietitian focused online hub for use in stores.

In June, Produce for Kids was the first-place recipient of the Best International Initiative for Marketing Fresh Produce to Children in 2019 for the Power Your Lunchbox program at this year’s The London Produce Show and Conference.

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