Home Issue 2019-07-05 Misionero’s Salade Du Soleil Rises Again

Misionero’s Salade Du Soleil Rises Again


Misionero is relaunching the Salade du Soleil line, first created more than 20 years ago, that will include three new salad blends: Orginale, Verte and Rouge.

The Orignale is a blend of salad greens that offer taste, texture and a color variety for the plate. The Verte mix uses whole, green lettuce leaves, while the Rouge uses whole, red lettuce leaves.

By allowing greens to fully mature before harvesting, the Salade du Soleil line offers a heartier mix that pairs and stands up better with dressings, making it an ideal choice for retail and foodservice customers.

“At Misionero, we are committed to innovation that allows us to continuously strengthen both our foodservice and retail product lines,” Marketing Manager Nicole Zapata said. “When we were searching for a unique spring mix, we immediately thought of Salade du Soleil and knew the timing was perfect to revive the brand.”

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