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CannaFarm Con Focuses On future Of Hemp Farming


With all of the commotion in today’s world — climate change, pest control, sustainability requirements — an increasing number of issues creates new challenges for farmers, including cannabis and hemp farmers.

CannaFarm Con, an expo by Mace Media Group and powered by Terpenes & Testing and Extraction magazines, addresses these issues by gathering cannabis farming experts from around the world to provide educational forums and panels on Aug. 1-2 in San Diego, at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa.

“It is one of our most targeted trade shows,” said Founder and CEO of Mace Media Group Celeste Miranda. “It serves as a place where industry players can come together to provide novel and educational content. There are no other conferences in the cannabis space like this one.”

This trade show is dedicated to the science of cultivation, breeding, farming, automation, irrigation and compliance.

Presentations include keynote speakers John MacKay, Ph.D., an extraction expert, and master grower Harry Resin.

Other highlights will be a workshop on the benefits cannabis can provide for senior citizens facilitated by Keiko Beatie, and a compliance panel with professionals from government programs, including the Franchise Tax Board.

Science based

CannaFarm Con is distinct among farming conferences because of its dedication to the science of cultivation, breeding, farming, automation, irrigation and more. The conference explores innovative solutions regarding pest control, data-driven crop management, automated equipment, farm software and data platforms, robotics, sensor-driven irrigation, imaging and other emerging cannabis agrotechnology.

“Cannabis cultivation is mushrooming on a global scale,” said Jason S. Lupoi, Ph.D., editor-in-chief of Terpenes & Testing and Extraction magazines. “With Earth’s return to this ancient plant, our technological advances and inputs designed to help us be more productive must also be centered around the axis of sustainability.”

Another critical issue is not only ensuring compliance to one’s legislation but also certifying that the crops produced are done so safely, ethically and devoid of contamination that can seep into downstream products, like pesticides or mycotoxins produced by microbial contamination.

“With so many people turning to cannabis and hemp, sometimes as a last glimmer of hope and relief, it’s mandatory that farmers don’t remove themselves from the analytical testing side of our industry,” Lupoi said. “We need to properly integrate all phases of the industry such that everyone is talking. This event provides the forum for these conversations.”

Conference features

The conference will also feature an exhibition floor showcasing producers of technology, equipment, soil science, seed banks, genetics, data management, testing, and manufacturing. The Exhibitors’ Hall facilitates valuable peer interactions to cultivate new ideas, methods, strategies, and to forge new relationships with colleagues to facilitate your own business model. More than 100 companies will be in attendance, providing a full spectrum of leading agricultural product suppliers as well as innovative companies new to the industry.

Other than educational presentations, CannaFarm Con aims to provide solutions, such as: how to reoptimize growing practices to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase yields, and foster innovative partnerships that can improve financial and environmental performance across the cannabis industry.

Additionally, an underlining mantra to the conference as a whole will be enhancing horticultural sustainability, such that cannabis and hemp farming continue to lead by example, and further refine this green industry.

Seeking solutions

B2B conferences like CannaFarm Con extend beyond the presentations and the exhibition hall. Solutions are forged by the resonating connections made therein that will impact and further evolve businesses going forward.

From seed to harvest, the experts gathered there will provide answers to pertinent questions. In terms of solely farming — with presentations from artisan farmers like master grower Harry Resin — there is so much to learn, both industrywide challenges (compliance) to the intricacies of one’s craft (trimming, maximizing terpene content, generating stable seed, etc.).

The opportunities to both learn and share these detailed methods are hard to come by as master growers become few and far between. What are the techniques for increasing light exposure? What methods are used for harvesting flowers? What are the most efficient strategies today in aquaponics, aeroponics, and hydroponics? How can you reduce water consumption, or power your farm by the sun? These are all topics attendees can expect to learn more about at the conference.


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