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Sustainability Tool Aids Buyer/Supplier Communication


The Sustainability Consortium has selected SupplyShift as its new partner and reporting platform for The Sustainability Insight System (THESIS) Index, formerly and most widely known as The Sustainability Index.

TSC translates the best sustainability science into business tools that are used all over the world to create more sustainable consumer products. With more than 100 members and partners, TSC brings together a wide range of companies, NGOs and sustainability experts to drive environmental and social sustainability impact at scale.

The SupplyShift technology will be used by retailers and suppliers to optimize supply chain transparency. On the SupplyShift platform, through TSC key performance indicators, retailers and suppliers can engage customers, gain insights into the sustainability performance of the products they put on shelves and receive new tools to help them drive performance.

Suppliers will have greater control over not just the data they share, but also how they share it with retailers.

Additionally, suppliers will have improved ability to re-use data and results, helping to reduce survey-fatigue.

Deeper data insights

Overall, the new platform will seek to improve suppliers’ ability to pull together data from their own supply chains all into one place as well as create deeper insights into their own performance alongside the performance of their peers.

“Since we launched The Sustainability Index, now known as THESIS Index, in 2014, TSC has been on the forefront of helping retailers drive the sustainability performance of the products they put on shelf,” said TSC Chief Executive Euan Murray. “Our new partnership with SupplyShift takes us a step closer to our vision of full transparency and data exchange along product supply chains. Delivering on that vision will see retailers able to deliver the sustainable store of the future, suppliers supported and rewarded for the development of the next generation of sustainable products, and all consumers able to make sustainable choices as part of our everyday lives.”

“Walmart and The Sustainability Consortium are working together to integrate THESIS Index into the everyday decision-making of our merchants, as well as giving our suppliers greater insights so they can achieve more on sustainability,” said Walmart Senior Vice President for Global Sustainability Laura Phillips. “TSC’s new partnership with SupplyShift is an important part of that new future and an important step in helping us as we work towards our sustainability goals.”

“We are honored to have been chosen by TSC to be their technology platform,” said SupplyShift CEO and co-founder Alex Gershenson. “TSC’s science-based measurement and reporting system delivers proven metrics for retailers and suppliers that enable them to engage across a variety of issues. SupplyShift’s next-generation solution will make it easy to gain transparency at all levels of the supply chain and will help companies focus less on the complexity of data collection and management and more on taking action to improve their supply chain performance.”

Launch date

TSC will launch THESIS Index on the new platform in August 2019. TSC powers THESIS Index through the development of key performance indicators, THESIS Index is designed to help retailers and suppliers measure sustainability performance for more than 130 consumer goods categories covering over 90% of all consumer products produced around the world.

TSC’s science-based methodology produces key performance indicators that measure manufacturers’ progress again sustainability issues contained within the supply chain. TSC implementation services work closely with retailers to help assess their suppliers and analyze results. TSC relaunched their measurement and reporting system under the new THESIS brand in 2019.

TSC has more information about THESIS here. To learn more SupplyShift, the technology powering THESIS, click here.

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