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Frieda’s Sets Example For Industry With Well-Being Program


Many people associate working in produce with being healthy, but the folks at Frieda’s Specialty Produce know that health is much more than eating fruits and vegetables.

During July, Frieda’s launched a well-being program by holding Frieda’s Wellness Week to help educate and empower all employees to stay healthy.

“I know that Frieda’s cares about me as a person, and giving me the chance to learn more about wellness as a whole helps me to be the best version of myself,” Account Manager Megan Klemz said. “When I feel my best, I can provide the best possible service to my clients, who can, in turn, provide the best service to their shoppers.”

Frieda’s Wellness Week included two days of stretching and nutrition workshops, a day of massages from Corporate Kneads and a healthy, yet delicious, taco bar for all employees on the final day.

During the workshop, employees learned some tips on warm-ups, stretches and different ways to take productive breaks throughout the day.

Making a difference

The lessons from Wellness Week have already made a difference at Frieda’s. Teams are stretching each morning in the office, as well as holding “walking meetings” throughout the week.

“Wellness Week was just the kick start I needed to begin incorporating more active time into my home and work life,” Klemz said.

Frieda’s looks forward to improving employee well-being throughout the year, setting a new standard for the produce industry as a whole.

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