Bush's Best Blended Burger used in a Bunless Greek Burger.

Canned bean marketer Bush’s Best is supplying foodservice clients Bush’s Best Blended Burgers, a plant and beef-based offering that looks, tastes and cooks like an all-beef burger but has less fat and fewer calories.

Beans and mushrooms replace 40% of the beef content, composing of two of the Blended Burger’s four ingredients: beef, Bush’s Best great northern beans, mushrooms and salt.

One third of Americans say they are flexitarian, mostly because it allows them to eat healthy without removing the foods they love.

Bush’s Best says the Blended Burger has the flavor and juiciness of an all-beef burger with all the benefits of plant-based protein.

Preformed, frozen 4-ounce patties are designed to make it easy for operators to give their guests a burger free of gluten, allergens, dairy and soy.

Foodservice operators can use the Blended Burger in a classic burger application or can use it as the foundation for more unique menu ideas.

Bibb lettuce takes the place of a traditional bun in the Bunless Greek Burger, a gluten-free option featuring Bush’s Best Blended Burger topped with tomato, red onion, yellow bell pepper and the Mediterranean taste of red pepper hummus and feta cheese. Or operators can try the Pimento Cheese Burger, the Blended Burger with red cabbage vinegar slaw, banana peppers and pimento cheese all in a Hawaiian bun.

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