Home Issue 2019-07-19 Summer Citrus From South Africa Launches 3rd Taste Of Summer Sweepstakes

Summer Citrus From South Africa Launches 3rd Taste Of Summer Sweepstakes


For the third consecutive year, Summer Citrus from South Africa is offering its Taste of Summer sweepstakes.

Through Aug. 21, SCSA encourages shoppers to locate South African citrus at their local grocery store and share the product on social media.

The Taste of Summer Sweepstakes provides entrants with weekly opportunities to win a $150 Visa gift card.

To enter, shoppers are asked to follow SCSA on Instagram, find the SCSA logo on pack in local stores and share product images on the social platform. If they are unable to locate the citrus in a particular market, they can share the provided image on Instagram and tag their local retailer requesting Summer Citrus from South Africa.

“We’re excited about this season’s promotion and look forward to interaction with shoppers,” said Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus from South Africa. “The goal of Taste of Summer is not only to inform consumers of the availability of South Africa’s supreme citrus, but also to showcase interest to retailers. We plan to share the results of the promotion and feedback from shoppers with retailers to demonstrate the demand during the summer season.”

To further enhance the promotion, SCSA will use targeted online advertising to key markets on Facebook and Instagram that encourage shoppers to participate in the sweepstakes. The promotion is also be supported by influencer partnerships in three major cities: Philadelphia, Atlanta and Houston.

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