SPW On RFD-TV: North Carolina Brings ‘Your Summer Potatoes’ In Fast And Furious Summer Deal


When it comes to fresh potatoes in the summertime, North Carolina is about the only game in town. It’s also where most of your summer picnic potato chips come from.

For six weeks from late June through July, North Carolina potato farmers have a whirlwind harvest that results in a crop that’s about 25 percent fresh white, red and yellow table potatoes, and about 75 percent chipping potatoes, bred and grown specifically for that purpose.

Every year growers and buyers from the Southeast to Nova Scotia gather at the North Carolina Potato Association meeting in Elizabeth City, NC to plan the summer schedule. The results are the fresh potatoes and chips you’re eating right now.

We caught up with Tommy Fleetwood of the Potato Association for a look at this unique crop and window for a report that also aired on our broadcast partner The RFD-TV Network.

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