SPW On RFD-TV: Tony DiMare Talks Mexico And Tomatoes


While the USMCA  is being called the new NAFTA, that old agreement still has unintended consequences that have one U.S. ag industry hanging in the balance.

Florida tomato growers have battled Mexican imports on pricing for at least 20 years now, leading to the U.S. Commerce Department’s tomato suspension agreement, which has propped up markets and kept competitors at bay — just barely.

Now the Commerce Department has withdrawn from that agreement and no one’s sure what happens next.

Mexican growers have filed suit seeking an injunction in the U.S. Court of International Trade against the Commerce Department’s termination of the suspension agreement. The case is expected to be heard June 16.

We talked with Tony DiMare of DiMare Fresh in Ruskin, FL about the battles between Mexican and American growers — and what’s really at stake here as the industry waits to see what’s next — in this report that first aired on our broadcast partner The RFD-TV Network.

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