Vidalia’s onion crop is running a bit smaller this season and sizing on later plantings was a little smaller too, but Vidalia Onion Committee Manager Bob Stafford said the harvest is complete and supplies should be ample with excellent quality.

“There are some very good quality onions,” Stafford said. “We have finished clipping, and all the onions are sold or in storage.”

Later planting due to too much rain affected sizing on some later plantings, he said. Planting usually takes place from November through December, but this season planting stretched into January.

Bob Stafford

He said Vidalia Onion Committee estimates predict the crop should hit 4.5 million to 5 million 40-pound equivalents this season, while U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates put the crop at 6.1 million 40-pound equivalents.

Plantings were down about 2,000 acres this season, from more than 11,000 acres to 9,000-plus acres.

State agriculture officials set April 22 as the official start date for the Vidalia season this year.

As of May 21, the USDA reported good demand and steady markets amid moderate trading.

Prices for 40-pound cartons of jumbos were running mostly $20-21, while prices for the equivalent organic product were mostly $28-30, according to the USDA.

In May 2018, the USDA reported 40-pound cartons of jumbos were mostly $12-14, and organic 40-pound cartons ran mostly $23-24.


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