Uneven Florida Citrus Season Leaves Some Looking For Other Answers


February is typically a peak season for Florida Citrus. This year, the deal is all over the map though. Honeybell tangerines that usually come on in January are peaking in March, and while production is holding steady against projections, there is still some volatility to orange production that could reveal itself at any time.

Grower Dean Mixon has 50 acres near Bradenton, down from a peak of 350. Now the Mixons have diversified into agritourism and bamboo, but citrus still comes first and here’s a look at what’s been an unnatural season even by today’s standards.

Florida Citrus Growers have lost 500,000 acres of groves and a billion dollars in annual revenues over just the last decade.

This piece aired on our broadcast partner The RFD-TV Network — look for more from the Mixons soon, including a look at the family agritourism operation and Florida’s first commercial bamboo farm.

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