SEPC Racetrack Showdown: Shumans Vs. Schwalls — Who Wins? To-Jo Mushrooms, Somehow…


When a gang from the Southeast Produce Council gathered for an evening of fun and racecar driving at Orlando’s Andretti Racing Experience, our industry’s naturally competitive nature couldn’t help but rise to the top.

Before you know it, brothers Jon and Dug Schwalls from Southern Valley Fruit & Vegetable were throwing down a challenge to brothers John and Mark Shuman of Shuman Farms — and the race was literally on.

It was winner take all — the losers had to write a check to the charity of the champs’ choice.

We had to bring this to you now as part of our Countdown to Southern Exposure: Will it be the Shumans? Will it be the Schwalls? And did somebody mention To-Jo Mushrooms?!?

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