[EDITOR’S NOTE: Taylor Brennecke is a Farm Credit Leasing Specialist with AgSouth Farm Credit. Send ag or personal finance questions for public or private answer to us here.]

Anyone who farms or is considering becoming a farmer knows that it is a risky business – risky, but vital for 100 percent of the population. Yet today there are fewer farms and fewer future generations choosing this hard but rewarding work as an occupation.

Taylor Brennecke

There is no doubt that we as a nation are in need of farmers. According to the U.S. Labor Department, the average age of today’s farmer is 58.

That figure has been increasing for 30 years. Who is going to grow our food, and how are we going to help them get into this capital expensive and work intensive field?

Farm Credit specializes in helping farmers with financing and educational programs. The nationwide cooperative lender network also offers programs to mitigate some of the hazards that come with feeding the world, like crop insurance and specialized financing for young and beginning farmers.

But experienced and beginning farmers alike oftentimes need new machinery and equipment in order to maximize the farm’s potential, and they don’t always have the cash flow necessary to purchase these crucial updates.

In many cases, leasing can often provide a solution. Farm Credit Leasing provides leases to meet the needs of agricultural producers, agribusinesses and rural electric, telecommunications and water companies. Among the many benefits of leasing are:

  • ZERO downpayment
  • Quicker depreciation than with typical loan payment
    • See your accountant for your specific information
  • Flexible payment schedules
  • Easy approval process
    • For leases under $250,000, only a 2-page application and current balance sheet is required
  • Lease-to-Own options

What Can Be Leased?

Farm Credit Leasing offers leases for most equipment and vehicle needs for your farm or agribusiness, new or used, like:

  • Tractors
  • Irrigation systems
  • Processing equipment
  • Packing equipment
  • Fertilizer spreaders
  • Poultry clean-out equipment
  • Grain bins
  • Peanut wagons
  • Cotton bailers
  • Fleet vehicles
Yep, you can lease a barn

And, yes, you can even lease buildings like packing sheds, barns, and even production facilities. Of special note is that with a building of less than $500,000, the building itself is all the collateral needed with a Farm Credit lease, which means you can have the building you need without leveraging your other assets like the land it sits on. You can even lease a building on land you rent from someone else.

Saving Money, Leveraging Risk

Because Farm Credit leasing buys direct from auto manufacturers like Ford, GM and Dodge, you can lease fleet basic or customer vehicles like trucks, cars, over-the-road haulers and even ATVs at major savings – perfect for farmers who need to manage their farm to get their produce to wholesalers quickly. A recent AgSouth Farm Credit Leasing customer saved more than $14,000 by using the leasing company.

Produce farming has its own unique challenges and risks. Farmers deal with threats like Mother Nature, crop disease and pests. Leasing can help mitigate some of these risks by helping you with your cash flow. To find the Farm Credit Leasing service closest to you, visit

Taylor Brennecke is a Leasing Specialist with AgSouth Farm Credit covering South Carolina and Georgia.

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