Best Of 2018: SPW On RFD-TV: Miracle In Vidalia — Young Farmer Aries Haygood Beats Cancer


When Vidalia onion season opened about this time last year, grower Aries Haygood of M&T Farms in Lyons, GA, had even bigger things to worry about.

Yes, the onion deal is non-stop from the time harvest begins in April until the fields are cleared and the deals are all done. But that was the 34-year-old Haygood’s last worry.

In March 2017, Haygood was told he had an aggressive form of colon cancer that had already progressed to stage 3B. Prospects were daunting at best.

Miraculously, when this year’s Vidalia harvest started April 20, Haygood was back in the fields with a clean bill of health. Here’s his amazing story, which we first brought to you on the RFD-TV Network.

And you can read more of Aries’ story from an earlier piece we did HERE.

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