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Help Consumers Get Cooking: Marketing Ideas Ripe For The Picking


Industry analyst and consultant Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics is an expert on marketing produce from farm to retail. Her travels take her to stores around the world. Every week in SPW, Anne-Marie shares one of her favorite retail displays or grower marketing success stories with a photo and her thoughts on why these are Ideas Ripe For The Picking.

Anne-Marie Roer


Well, it’s apple pie, what’s not to love? But in all seriousness, with the world fascinated with time-saving solutions, this apple pie “meal kit” caught my eye as a great way to get people back to baking. And produce to selling a bunch more apples.

Much has been written about the lacking cooking skills among the youngest shopper groups. It has spawned enormous growth in pre-packaged salads, value-added, heat-and-eat, ready-to-eat and other convenience-focused solutions.

But what about baking? I discovered this apple pie baking kit at Jumbo in the Netherlands. Merchandised right next to apple pies baked in-store, this kit offers shoppers some “skin in the game” but saves a multi-hour ordeal.

Fresh dough in a baking pan, sugar, cinnamon and all other ingredients are provided in the kit and the 1.5 kilo bag of best-for-pie, locally-grown apples lays right next to it. Yes, they “got me” and I got a delicious home-made apple pie that I hadn’t made in probably 15 years.

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Anne-Marie Roerink specializes in quantitative and qualitative market research. Prior to launching 210 Analytics, she served as the Director of Research for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

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