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Clean Eating And Plant-Based Diets: Marketing Ideas Ripe For The Picking



Industry analyst and consultant Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics is an expert on marketing produce from farm to retail. Her travels take her to stores around the world. Every week in SPW, Anne-Marie shares one of her favorite retail displays or grower marketing success stories with a photo and her thoughts on why these are Ideas Ripe For The Picking.



Anne-Marie Roer


Clean eating and plant-based diets are predicted to remain the two most popular diets of 2018, according to retail dietitians. No better opening for produce to lead consumers where they want to go.

Diet trends come and go. Over the past 15 years, we moved from whole grain to superfoods to low-carb to gluten-free and high-protein. In 2018, according to a poll with over 2,000 retail dietitians, the two biggest diets play right into produce’s strong suit: clean eating and plant-based diets. Additionally, the low-carb ketogenic diet moved into third place.

The movement toward clean eating reflects a change in how consumers view food. They are searching for nutrition information and equating diet with overall well-being. Fermented foods such as kombucha, yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh and kimchi are expected to be the No. 1 “superfood” group in 2018, according to the dietitians.

Many other top 10 contestants are produce items as well: avocados, seeds (the number 1 a year ago), nuts, kale, exotic fruits and coconut products. These items are likely to pop up on many diet and healthy eating apps, websites and recipes. But it doesn’t mean everyone knows how to prepare them. What are you doing to help consumers with their diet du jour?

Anne-Marie Roerink specializes in quantitative and qualitative market research. Prior to launching 210 Analytics, she served as the Director of Research for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).


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