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Ideas Ripe For The Picking, With Anne-Marie Roerink


Industry analyst and consultant Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics is an expert on marketing produce from farm to retail. Her travels take her to stores around the world. Every week in SPW, Anne-Marie shares one of her favorite retail displays or grower marketing success stories with a photo and her thoughts on why these are Ideas Ripe For The Picking.




Anne-Marie Roerink

What I love about this:

Ideas Ripe for the Picking

Produce has significant opportunity to market against specific benefits or attributes as shoppers increasingly make the connection between food and health.

An aging population, more Americans with chronic diseases, growing demand for transparency, access to technology to research and rising healthcare premiums are just some of the reasons driving a growing focus on health and wellness.

Unlike years past, when shoppers tried finding answers in fad diets or supplements, Americans are increasingly taking a 360 degree whole health approach with produce consumption playing a central role.

Retailers can work with growers to call out specific attributes and benefits that may resonate with shoppers trying to manage or prevent health issues, just like this in-store reminder. Fighting a cold? It’s not just oranges, but berries too are high in vitamin C. High cholesterol? Berries are a great cholesterol-free snack. Help shoppers make the connection!

Anne-Marie Roerink specializes in quantitative and qualitative market research. Prior to launching 210 Analytics, she served as the Director of Research for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

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