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Ideas Ripe For The Picking, With Anne-Marie Roerink


Industry analyst and consultant Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics is an expert on marketing produce from farm to retail. Her travels take her to stores around the world. Every week, Anne-Marie shares one of her favorite retail displays or grower marketing success stories with a photo and her thoughts on why these are Ideas Ripe For The Picking.

Anne-Marie Roerink

What I love about this:

Produce snacking is one of the fastest growing segments in the category. To help consumers integrate more fruits and veggies as snacks, make it visible, easy and portable.

Shoppers are moving away from three meals a day to integrate many more snacking occasions. Some of these are indulgent snacking and treating occasions of the more traditional salty snacks, cookies or confectionery items.

But produce snacking is hot and a lot of it is done while on the go. IRI’s Larry Levin jokingly but rightfully calls it the “car-feteria” phenomenon.

In traditional snacking, it prompted all sorts of innovative packaging focused on fitting in cup holders, resealable, heat resistant, shareable, easy to hold with one hand and more.

Be a helping hand in “driving” healthy snacking.

Anne-Marie Roerink specializes in quantitative and qualitative market research. Prior to launching 210 Analytics, she served as the Director of Research for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

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