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SEPC Teams Up With Food Marketing Institute To Unveil the Power of Produce


After a successful workshop collaboration at the Southeast Produce Council Southern Innovations Organics & Foodservice Expo in September, SEPC has announced it will be teaming up with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) to present its signature research, The Power of Produce, at Southern Exposure 2018, March 1-3 in Tampa, FL.

The show is months away but already holds an impressive attendance record of over 500 buyers and 2,000 suppliers servicing Southeastern markets with fresh produce. The partnership with FMI will be the first in what will become an annual unveiling.

Rick Stein
Vice President, Fresh Foods
Food Marketing Institute

FMI Vice President of Fresh Foods Rick Stein commented on the partnership saying, “Food retail continues to be the produce stronghold, so the opportunity to debut research that offers an in-depth look at produce through the eyes of the shopper at the premier platform for the produce industry complemented our goals for reaching an insights-hungry audience. I look forward to annually presenting the findings at SEPC’s Southern Exposure featuring some of the produce industry’s most influential professionals.”

Food Marketing Institute proudly advocates on behalf of the food retail industry. The Power of Produce analysis reveals shopper habits regarding fruits and vegetables pre-trip, in-store, and at home, as well as hundreds of shopper suggestions on how to improve the produce department.

For food retailers looking to use the produce department to set themselves apart, this report gives insights into the shopper’s produce purchasing process and the real power produce can bring to their store’s business.

SEPC’s David Sherrod

The analysis, conducted by 210 Analytics and supported by data from IRI and Nielsen, also reveals strategies for food retailers to consider as they bolster their produce merchandising and marketing programs. The research previously made possible by the generous support of Hillphoenix and Yerecic Label will now receive additional funding from the Southeast Produce Council, as well, creating a dynamic unification within the produce industry.

“The Southeast Produce Council is excited to announce this partnership with FMI,” states David Sherrod, President and CEO of the Southeast Produce Council, “Their reputation of proven research results is widely used and regarded as one of the best tools for retail and wholesale professionals today. The Power of Produce report will debut each year at our Southern Exposure conference and will be a huge draw for our attendees. We will work hand-in-hand with FMI to deliver this timely report each year.”

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