We all know rural America doesn’t get much attention from Washington. Most congressmen have never been on a farm and don’t have a clue where the food comes from.

As of Oct. 30, the folks on Capitol Hill at least have one less excuse for not knowing what’s going on in the heartland — noting its importance in highlighting the latest developments in agribusiness and rural America, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway (R-TX) announced this week that RFD-TV has been added to the House of Representatives Digital Channel Lineup on channel 122.“From the halls of Congress to the fields of rural America, RFD-TV provides quality programming ranging from key agriculture news of the day to agribusiness and entertainment,” said Congressman Conaway.  “Importantly, RFD-TV’s news and programming not only highlights the contributions of production agriculture to rural communities, but it also amplifies the stories of men and women in America’s heartland.”

“As such, I believe the news and programming of RFD-TV offers important perspectives that my colleagues in the House of Representatives would benefit from, and I’m pleased to share with you that, at my request, RFD-TV has now been added to the House of Representatives Digital Channel Lineup,” the Congressman went on to say.

“From its inception, RFD-TV’s mission has been to reconnect city with country,” said President and Founder Patrick Gottsch. “I am proud of our Washington D.C. Bureau for connecting rural America to Capitol Hill by covering news that matters to them the most, which is largely ignored by urban-based news operations.”

RFD-TV’s Washington D.C. Bureau, located in the USDA building, has been covering political news for more than seven years. RFD-TV was founded in 2000 is now available in 52 million homes on most cable and satellite systems. It is the nation’s only 24/7 network dedicated to the rural and western lifestyle.

(U.S. Capitol Photo By By Martin Falbisoner)

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