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RFD-TV Passes 50 Million Home Threshhold, Brings HD Signal To 18 Million More Viewers


Love RFD-TV but tired of that grainy, old-school picture on DIRECTV? Good news — that signal is now available in HD.

If you’re like us, you customized your channel guide to skip the stuff you might not want, so you may have missed the RFD HD debut on channel 345.

More impressive, the rural lifestyle network is now available in more than 50 million homes.

“Breaking the 50,000,000 home barrier for high definition with RFD-TV is huge,” said Rural Media Group, Inc. Founder & President Patrick Gottsch. “It’s no secret that consumers now require that all of their television choices be available in high definition to even be considered for extended viewing. We expect this to result in a spike in RFD-TV’s ratings for all of our quality rural lifestyle programming, while assisting our ongoing efforts to reconnect city with country again.”

Rural Media Group owns RFD-TV, The Cowboy Channel, and RURAL RADIO on SiriusXM.

AT&T U-Verse was already offering RFD HD. DIRECTV NOW, the new wireless service available to smart TV’s, computers and mobile devices, included RFD-TV (HD) in their 65-channel basic package launched in November 2016. Continued Gottsch,

“We thank DIRECTV for their continuing support of rural America and for including independent channels in technology advances to better serve their niche customers,” Gottsch said.

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