Only in the produce world could Whole Foods be kicking out local growers; worm poop become a good thing; USDA put up $3.1 to train future leaders; Lidl open in Georgia and set sites on Alabama and Texas; and Chick-fil-A announce its largest restaurant with rooftop dining across from NYC’s Freedom Tower. It all happened this week while you were working. We love this job.

Whole Foods Saying ‘No Thanks’ To Local

The locally grown movement has gotten much credit for driving produce consumption in this country for the last decade. There are some who say consumers make far too much of it than they should. Add Amazon and Whole Foods to that list. READ MORE

Lidl Opens In Georgia; Heading To Alabama, Texas Next

Lidl is in the early stages of planning stores in Alabama and will soon be heading for Texas as well after opening its first locations in Georgia — where it already has a regional distribution center planned — earlier this month. READ MORE

USDA Makes $3.1 Million Available In Grants To Train Future Industry Leaders

USDA is helping prepare for that future with a new series of $3.1 million in grants from its National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to train the next generation of policymakers, researchers, and educators in the food and agricultural sciences. READ MORE

GUEST AUTHOR: The Scoop On Worm Poop — Seriously — For Organic Growers

This piece on the wonders of worm castings — poop — comes from Brian Peavey, managing member of Circle M Farms in Ontario, OR and a specialist in — well — worm poop. Technically called “castings” the material makes an excellent organic fertilizer. Have an article you’d like to share? Send us an email. READ MORE

No It’s Not Produce, But NYC Will Get A Taste Of The South In World’s Largest Chick-Fil-A

No, it’s not produce, but if you’re from the South and say you don’t like Chick-fil-A, you’re lying (or vegetarian). That’s why we think it’s news that the company is taking one of our region’s true cultural icons to New York City to establish a showcase for all that Southern goodness right across from One World Trade Center and a birds-eye view of the Freedom Tower. READ MORE

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