VIDEO: Healthy Bushel Farms’ Alabama Greenhouses Redefining Domestic Organic Growing


SPW Video Guru Jenni Kight’s journeys through her home state of Alabama this week take her to one of the most innovative organic greenhouse growing operations in the nation, Don and Traci Abercrombie’s Healthy Bushel Farms, near Louisville, AL.

In 1993, Don and Traci formed AQUASOUTH farm-raised catfish company that quickly became known for having the highest quality standards in the industry. In 2010, Don and Traci began serving their catfish and other locally grown foods when they opened Abercrombie Fish Camp restaurant and cabins.  

Don’s focus on providing the highest quality food furthered his interest in the locally grown movement. In 2014, Don began growing USDA certified organic produce. Don and Traci have two adult children, Cass and Averi, who are involved with the family businesses. Today Healthy Bushel Farms grows top quality USDA certified organic produce in commercial quantities throughout the year.

The 24-acre farm has eight, 12,000 square foot, high-tunnel greenhouses and four uncovered plots. More of everything is on the way.

Seasonal USDA certified organic produce change regularly. Top selling items include cucumbers, beefsteak tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

Healthy Bushel Farms strengthens and empowers the organic farming movement within the state of Alabama, positively impacting the economic climate of the local farming industry.


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