What happened this week while you were working? Well, Amazon sold a bunch of bonds; Publix got a new VP who makes apps; Target’s on the move with new additions; Florida still needs rain; Chef’d gets a leg up on Blue Apron; USDA is looking for some advisory council members; Southeastern restaurants made out well on lists of America’s Top 10 and best new places to eat; tomorrow is National Potato Day; Bayer helps citrus with its greening headache; and a reason not to eat bananas during Monday’s solar eclipse. What more could you want?

Amazon Peddles $16 Million Bond Issue To Fund Whole Foods Deal

So how do you pay for an all-out assault on the retail grocery industry? If you’re Jeff Bezos, you just print up $16 billion in unsecured bonds to raise a little cash.

Does Chef’d Have A Leg Up In Mealkit Fight? At Least 10 Competitors Are Vying For The Crown

Think Blue Apron’s nosedive initial public offering a few weeks ago is scaring off meal kit marketers? Think again.

Target Teams With Delivery Service, Hires Two Retail Grocery Veterans

Target Corp. obviously has no plans to go quietly away from the grocery business. The company recently acquired San Francisco delivery technology firm Grand Junction to help with fulfillment of online orders and hired a pair of veteran grocery retailers to boost its ranks.

Publix Names New VP Of Online And App Development

Publix Supermarkets has named a new vice president to head up its online and shopping app development programs at its Lakeland, FL headquarters. READ MORE

Florida Drought Is Over But Water Supplies Are Still Short

Florida’s drought is a distant memory – sort of. Despite June monsoons and a July that featured a major tropical storm, the state is still recovering from the dry winter and spring, according to the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD). READ MORE

Southeast Well-Represented On Top 50 Best Emerging Restaurant Chain List

FSR Magazine is known for its annual Top 50 Emerging Restaurant Chains annual rankings, out this month. the biggest surprise this year is how many of the Top 50 are headquartered in or at least doing business in the Southeast. READ MORE

Do You Want Fries With That? Some Surprising Stats About National Potato Day

Saturday Aug. 19 is National Potato Day; believe it or not, some Americans are actually Martians and don’t like French fries… READ MORE

Bon Appetit: Four Of America’s 10 Best New Restaurants Are In Southeast

Time to get your grub on — Bon Appetit has released its annual Hot Top 10 New Restaurants in the country and lucky for us, four of those are in the Southeast.

USDA Looking For Fruit And Vegetable Advisory Committee Members

If you’ve ever complained about USDA, here’s your chance to do something about it (or better yet, nominate somebody else to).

Citrus Research Development Foundation Pairs Up With Bayer For Greening Research

Bayer and the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), a non-profit organization in Florida supporting citrus growers, have signed a research collaboration agreement to find solutions to Citrus Greening disease, which currently threatens the global citrus production and juice industry.

No, You’re Not Blind — That’s A Solar Eclipse (Monday)

Whatever you do, don’t look up Monday afternoon – unless you can find a pair of eclipse glasses, which reportedly is not an easy feat at the moment.


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