VIDEO: Allman Farms & Orchards Celebrates Alabama Ag History and Future


As our August focus on Alabama agriculture continues, SPW Video Guru Jenni Kight heads way, way, way out into the wilds to visit the Allman Family Farm and Orchards near Oneonta, AL…but not too near. As the family says, “When you think you went too far, you’re almost there.”

The Allmans have found diversity and commitment keeps their family farm humming along after more than 100 years in the same mountaintop spot between Oneonta and Springville (combined population roughly 11,000).

The Allmans supply tomatoes for Birmingham’s Handy Candy company and parent Alex Kontos Fruit Co.

But this is a true family farm and the Allmans grow a fair amount of a lot of things, most of which are bought on the premises by scores of local fans — veggies, watermelon, and orchards full of plums, nectarines, pears, apricots and peaches, even in this weather-bitten season.

Look for more of Jenni’s reports from the road over the next couple of weeks.

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