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Sonny Perdue Proves To Be A Watermelon Man


Representatives from the Florida-based National Watermelon Promotions Board celebrated National Watermelon Day (Aug.3 — you missed it… but you can still have a slice) with former Georgia Governor and current USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue. Turns out he’s a big fan of watermelon.

President Ed McClellan and staff made the trip; NWPB Executive Director Mark Arney presented the Secretary with a watermelon, which prompted Perdue to proclaim he’s a fan (but somehow he didn’t ask why Arney flew a watermelon to Washington, DC — no word yet on whether a separate ticket was required or if the fruit was checked baggage).

Perdue with NWPB staff

The Secretary heard from staff how NWPB operations, mission, and its interaction with the USDA.

The NWPB reps also met with USDA agencies at FAS and AMS. Perdue said they’re welcome back any time… as long as they bring more watermelon.


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