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Walmart Makes Management Moves, Expands Pickup Tower Program


Reuters reports that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has made some shakeups in its food leadership team in preparation for the coming grocery wars with Lidl, Aldi and Amazon/Whole Foods. The company has also expanded its customer pick-up tower program.

Shawn Baldwin, senior vice-president and general merchandise manager for produce and global food sourcing, will focus on a new initiative for Hispanic customers.

Martin Mundo, who has worked in Argentina and other countries for Walmart, will replace Baldwin.

The company also named Greg Hall senior vice-president of merchandise operation for food.

Meanwhile, Walmart now has customer pick-up kiosks in 20 stores and plans to add 80 more to that list over the next few months. The first was tested in the chain’s hometown of Bentonville, AR last year.

The massive Pickup Towers stand at least 16 feet tall and 8 feet wide and are typically near store entrances. Customers scan a barcode on their purchase receipt and within seconds the items appear on a conveyer belt.

The towers supplant Walmart’s original pickup lockers because package compartment size in the towers can be adjusted.

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