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NMB Menu Research Forecasts Steady Growth in Mango Usage


A recent study by the National Mango Board (NMB) suggests a bright foodservice future for mangos, with continued usage growth in all restaurant segments and types, and an increase in mango penetration from all-day parts. The study shows all-day menus leading mango penetration with one-third mango menu items, and dinner as the next strongest menu segment; additionally, breakfast applications continue to track growth.

The NMB conducted a menu mention research on 7,000 chains (national and regional) and independents to track mango usage in foodservice. The data measured penetration (percent of restaurants that serve that food, flavor or ingredient–an indicator of adoption) and incidence (percent of menu items that feature that food, flavor or ingredient–a versatility index).

Results of the study provides valuable insights for identifying and capitalizing mango trends. For example, while mangos have increased penetration across all menu parts, they are featured most often on beverage menus, with desserts and appetizers (30 percent growth) following in incidence.

Mango’s vibrant flavor is most often paired with neutral proteins (chicken and fish), and ethnic or spicy ingredients, hallmarking its ability to complement savory, as well as sweet dishes. As one of the most popular fruits in the world, operators now recognize its potential for enhancing ethnic street foods, condiments, snacks, breakfast, plant-based and healthy menus, among others.

“As we continue to see mango growth in foodservice, it’s important to keep in mind these trends while also challenging the standardized mango usages,” said Valda Coryat, Director of Marketing at the NMB. “We want to excel past the understood status quo of mangos, and promote new mango usage ideas among foodservice professionals. Understanding and analyzing this data not only helps us understand where we are, but also gives us insight on how to better move forward in the foodservice arena.”

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