Clean water shortages continue to emerge across the globe as the population grows, along with demand for drinking water and water for irrigation. With water being an essential resource for agricultural companies, it’s paramount for farms to make water conservation a regular part of business operations.

Presently, 4 billion people face severe water scarcity for one month each year. Water shortage is critical problem that greatly impacts the world at large as well as the agricultural industry.

IFCO has released a new, free ebook, The Challenge of Managing Water Resources, that takes a look a the current global state of water resources, efforts to manage water conservation and reduce consumption, and how resusable RPCs contribute to a decrease in water usage.

Said IFCO Vice President of Global Marketing Hillary Femal, “In this downloadable resource, you will learn more about the current global state of water resources , what it means for businesses, and how utilizing RPCs contributes to decreased water usage.”

Download the PDF here.


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