VIDEO: How an empty warehouse transformed into 40,000 square feet of new space for Atlanta’s Nickey Gregory Co.


Atlanta’s Nickey Gregory Company has expanded four times since it opened on the Atlanta State Farmers Market in 2000.

The full-line distributor delivers overnight to 11 Southeast states. There’s a second, 25,000 square foot location in Miami. And a new Caribbean program has been a resounding success, serving several islands.

But the 75,000 square foot headquarters in Atlanta ran out of room years ago. Reconfigurations and more shelf space helped keep a handle on growth, but there was no room to grow on the jampacked market grounds.

But all the company’s problems were solved this week when it opened a second, 40,000 square foot warehouse on the market. Bonus: NGC will immediately expand processing capabilities and jump headfirst into the organic pool.

SPW’s Chip Carter and Jake Hallman traveled to Atlanta recently for a look at how that project evolved.

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