Here’s what happened while you were busy working this week (when Amazon wasn’t busy buying Whole Foods, we mean): Summer citrus season started; SEPC fed a lot of hungry people; Greening showed up in the Alabama citrus belt; USDA called out PACA violators in three states; PMA jumped on the 2018 Farm Bill; and agriculture and libraries got reacquainted.

Import summer citrus season starts slow, gears up for long haul

Supply has been short and demand has been high for early season summer citrus from Chile, Peru, South Africa and new kid on the block Uruguay, a situation that is likely to persist into mid-July until heavy volume comes on from Peru and Chile. READ MORE

SEPC feeds hungry Kentuckians via RAMP program donation

Martin County, KY is one of the poorest counties in America — the nation’s war on poverty began when President Johnson visited the blighted area in 1967 (above photo). Donations like the 80,000 pounds of produce recently donated to the RAMP program by SEPC members go a long way. READ MORE

Citrus greening rears its ugly head in Alabama

It’s devastated the Florida citrus industry, popped up in Texas and California, now HLB – citrus greening – has shown up in lower Alabama. READ MORE

USDA calls out PACA violators in Florida, Illinois and New Jersey

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has imposed sanctions on three produce businesses for failure to pay reparation awards issued under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA). READ MORE

PMA dives into 2018 Farm Bill development process

The importance of farm bills for the produce industry has been increasing, but in different ways than it has for producers of traditional, row-crop staples such as corn, soy and wheat. READ MORE

After 25 years, relationship between agriculture and libraries gets an update

In 1990, the Johns Hopkins University Press publication library trends studied the special needs of agriculture curation and library content. Just 25 years later they did it again. READ MORE


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