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Vargas joins FirstFruits Marketing team


FirstFruits Marketing of Washington announces the addition of a new marketing coordinator to its team, welcoming Joe Vargas to the in-house sales and marketing team.

Vargas is a Washington state native with a degree in Economics with a focus on business forecasting from Central Washington University and 10 years of experience in sales-focused customer service. Vargas’ diverse background includes time spent in agriculture, food service, sales and account management.

“Each job I have held has helped me grow in a different way. But none have given me the satisfaction that at the end of the day, I made a difference in someone’s life,” said Vargas. “FirstFruits is a company that changes people’s lives through their work and I’m thrilled to jump into the marketing department and be a part of that change.”

The addition of Vargas to the in-house sales and marketing team at FirstFruits brings increased value to retail partners as he works to create strategies to build the apple, pear and cherry categories.

“I’m excited by the addition of Joe to our team and I look forward to working with him as we continue to build innovative programs to bring consumer-preferred varieties like the Opal apple to market,” said Chuck Zeutenhorst, general manager of FirstFruits of Washington.


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