While we here at SPW were nailed to our desks this week, a lot of our friends were heading North of the Border for the 2017 Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention and Tradeshow in Toronto. We asked them to take a few pics for us while they were there. Boy, did they… A big thanks to Generation Farms, IFCO, the National Watermelon Promotion Board, Nash Produce, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Scott Farms and WestRock for their on-the-spot reportage.

Toronto’s iconic CN Tower as captured by Laura Hearn of Nash Produce in Nashville, NC

An overhead shot of the Toronto skyline and waterways, also from Laura Hearn

CPMA President Ron Lemaire speaks to the throngs in this shot from Juliemar Rosado of the National Watermelon Promotion Board in Winter Spring, FL

The NWPB gang with celebrity chef and author Michael Smith

When in Canada, do what the Canadians do – the NWPB’s Rosado, Eleanor Bullock, Cece Krumrine and Megan McKenna with National Watermelon Queen Madison Laney at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Not to be outdone, the Nash Produce team took in a Toronto Bluejays game at the Rogers Centre

A creative selfie at the Nash CPMA booth with Hearn, Don Sparks and Hunter Gibbs

The NWPB team won the “Center of the Plate” PlayDoh sculpting competition. More than 30 entrants created “recipes” like this one…

… which is more readily apparent here as a savory fruit salad with spring mix, pickled onions, mango, grapes, blue cheese, lemon and of course watermelon

Nicole Lipson of Norcross, GA-based WestRock gets a friendly selfie with a moose

The team from Generation Farms in Lake Park, GA sent this shot of their CPMA booth

IFCO’s Susan Atwater sent this shot of the company’s CPMA booth

Michele Wang from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Laura Hearn and Hunter Gibbs with Rick Burt, Jennifer Harris and Josh Gill from Prince Edward Island’s Mid-Isle Farms posed for this shot by Tommy Fleetwood of the NCDA at the department’s CPMA booth.

Florida Watermelon Queen Savannah Christensen and National Watermelon Queen Madison Laney with Debra Harrison of the Florida Department of Agriculture

Jeff Thomas sent this shot of Lucama, NC-based Scott Farms’ CPMA booth

The WestRock team of Todd Knowles, Amadeo Gaspar, Gerry Sondej and Richard Harrison ready for business at their CPMA booth

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Tommy Fleetwood from the NC Department of Agriculture finally stopped moving long enough to stop for this shot with Don Sparks and Hunter Gibbs

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