AMC Group recently had its first seasonal arrival of South African grapes into the U.S., the result of its exclusive table grape breeding program located in Murcia, Spain.

AMC’s production is the result of a lifetime of work by renowned breeder, the late Timothy Sheehan, and its varieties are named in his honor.

“We had our first arrival of South African Sheehan grapes last week with the Allison™ variety,” said AMC NA Director of Sales Casey Ison. “The Allison™ arrived in perfect condition and were quickly moved into the market to our retail partners.”

AMC has over 1100 hectares of Sheehan varieties planted in South Africa with estimated production for the 2017 season of 2.4 million boxes.

Sheehan varieties are known around the world for excellent eating quality, improved yields and more sustainable farming practices for growers.

AMC Group is the sole owner of Special New Fruit Licensing (SNFL), a breeding and innovation engine for table grapes and citrus. SNFL purchased Sheehan Genetics in 1996 and has recently opened Grape Genesis, its exclusive table grape breeding laboratory in Murcia, Spain.

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