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Nickey Gregory Co. covers Southeast foodservice deal with overnight delivery to 11 states


When it comes to foodservice, Atlanta’s Nickey Gregory Co. has the Southeast covered — especially when you consider the fact that the company has a second location in Miami that not only provides support for headquarters, but can also lay hands on those hard-to-find and just-in-time items that can mean the difference between success and failure in the foodservice arena.

“We carry most of the items the foodservice companies sell — we do a great job and do a lot of buying on case breaks and case splits — eight-pound lemons or a 10-pound red onion, for example — all packed in in our own label ‘Cheryl’s Best’ boxes,” said Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Andrew Scott. “We can make about any pack or spec for foodservice and it’s all flow-wrapped, too.”

“Or we can do what we do for a couple of large distributors in the Southeast, we pack private label for them in their own box and deliver to DCs throughout the Southeast — we’re taking labor away from having the customers do it and doing it ourselves within their specs. It’s working really well — we’re dealing with multiple large foodservice distributors across the Southeast and we’re always looking to work with more.”

The Nickey Gregory Co. structure means the company never goes wanting for any item. With trucks running daily between Miami and Atlanta, even the most-exotic items can be delivered within 24 hours in the Southeast.

“We’ve got this segment of our business down — we know what we’re doing,” Scott said. “We also carry the staple commodities the foodservice sector carries — we’re a great fill-in. You call us by noon and we deliver that evening or the next day.”

Vice President and General Manager Scott Chapman added, “A lot of our business is repeat business and a good bit comes from people knowing what we do and how we do it and switching suppliers. Most of our business is based on word of mouth relationships, that’s how we grow our business, and that’s because of how we treat people. Sometimes we have to stretch the credit term, sometimes we have to cut a price, sometimes it’s about our family and their family — you want to buy from a corporation or a small business? We’re one of the few left on this level.

“The foodservice business, a lot of these guys in the big corporate world, their big business is not produce, it’s meats, spices, seafood —- produce is an afterthought. Produce is just a small spec and they have to have confidence in the supplier. At the end of the day, we always have what they need, where they need it, when they need it.”

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